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A day in the life of reluctant hotel owner Dave – a man troubled by nightmares, his neighbor, his friends and love.


Dave’s existence is hopeless. His days and nights blend into each other as he wanders vacantly through the halls of the abandoned and dilapidated Hotel Poseidon, which he inherited from his deceased father.


When a young woman knocks on the hotel’s door looking for a room, while Dave’s best friend wants to throw a party in the backroom and a recurring dream haunts him, a surreal and grisly ordeal is set in motion.

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"A hell of a ride… Hallucinatory and hilarious " – Screen Daily

"Unique debut feature… a grime-core masterpiece" – Screen Anarchy

"A tour through the unconscious and a film that deserves a monograph." – Film Freak Central

Like stepping into a fever dream brought to life” – The Hollywood News

"A creepy and off-the-wall hallucinogenic trip" – Cine Europa

"Weird and endlessly unsettling. A stunning work of art" – Father Son Holy Gore

Distinctive and memorable" – Fiction Machine

Hypnotic… goes from being a little eccentric to totally insane.” – Dread Central

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Screenings Belgium

From 08. October 2021

in LUMIÈRE-theaters

of Mechelen, Antwerp (Cartoons) and Bruges.

Also at:

13-okt-2021 - Cc De Kern (Wilrijk) - tickets

21-okt-2021 - Cc Mortsel - tickets

3-nov-2021 - Budascoop (Kortrijk) - tickets
09-nov-2021 - Cultuurhuis Tessenderlo - tickets
16-nov-2021 - De Velinx (Tongeren) - tickets
09-dec-2021 - CCHa (Hasselt) - tickets
09-dec-2021 - Cc Ter Vesten (Beveren) - tickets

14-dec-2021 - Cc Westrand (Dilbeek) - tickets

15-feb-2022 - Cinema Plaza (Duffel) - tickets

06-mrt-2022 - De Meent (Alsemberg) - tickets

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10-Aug-2021 - Fantasia Festival (Montréal, CAN) - tickets
12-Aug-2021 - Fantasia Festival (Montréal, CAN) - tickets
26-Aug-2021 - Frightfest (London, UK) – live - tickets
03-Sept-2021 - Genreblast (Winchester – VA, USA) - tickets
05-Sept-2021 - Frightfest (London, UK) – online  - tickets
09 > 26 Sept-2021 - Sydney Underground Film Festival (AUS) - tickets
08-Oct-2021 - Grimmfest (Manchester, UK) - tickets
17-Oct-2021 - Grimmfest (Manchester, UK) - tickets

22-Oct-2021 - ToHorror Fantastic Film Festival (Torino, ITA) - tickets
25-Oct-2021 -  LUSCA Film Fest (Puerto Rico) -

30-Oct-2021 - SPLAT Film Fest (Lublin, PL) - tickets

10-Nov-2021 - Belfast Film Festival  (IE) - tickets

26-Nov-2021 - Be Afraid Horror Fest (ITA) - tickets
More dates to be announced.        


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Abattoir Fermé & Potemkino present
“Hotel Poseidon”

Written and directed by Stef Lernous

Starring Tom Vermeir, Anneke Sluiters, Tania Van der Sanden, Dominique Van Malder, Steve Geerts, Tine Van den Wyngaert, Kirsten Pieters, Chiel van Berkel, Ruth Becquart.

Director of photography: Geert Verstraete / Editor: Kim Vandenbergh / Art director: Sven Van Kuijk / Gaffer: Jens Callewaert / Sound: Kristof Lebrun / Score: Kreng / Sound design: Frederik Van de Moortel / Producer: Nick Kaldunski / Co-producer: Peter De Maegd / Poster artwork: Tyler Jenkins

©  2021 - an Abattoir Fermé film in co-production with Potemkino
& supported by The Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF),
the city of Mechelen, Cultuurcentrum Mechelen, arts centre Nona